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One Mom’s Review…

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One Mom’s Review…


I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped my child over the last year. When we first started looking into therapists, I was very nervous about what we are getting ourselves into. Of course I felt like a failure as a parent because we needed to reach out and get this help in the first place. We started out at our pediatrician’s office, and she gave us probably 6 places to look into. I researched every place by either calling or looking them up online. I even scheduled a few appointments that I ended up cancelling. I did not get a good feeling about any of those places. They made me feel just sick to my stomach and like my child was a real problem. A friend gave me your name the first time we met. I can remember looking your office up while my child was at dance and just going through your website I could tell this was the place we were meant to be. Of course the only thing that held me back was the insurance stuff. Once I sent you my email and talked to you on the phone, I felt so at peace that I cancelled another appointment immediately.

My child enjoyed going to talk to you each week. They were never upset that it was time to talk to you. I know my husband and I enjoyed talking to you too. I’m pretty sure we could be friends 😉. Never again will I worry if I feel like one of my children needs a therapist to talk to. I know we have the perfect safe place to go. Thank you so much for being that place for us. Anytime anyone mentions needing a counselor, you will always be who I recommend. Although I hope my child does so well that they don’t need to see you in the future, I hope we see you again sometime! Thank you for everything!!!

***email shared with permission and edited to maintain confidentiality***