• What
    What can I expect from counseling?
    Katie provides a calm and safe environment. You can expect to be both encouraged and challenged during counseling.

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  • Where
    Where are you located?
     Sanctuary Counseling Center is conveniently located on the south side of Indianapolis, near I-465 and US31 South.

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  • When
    When do you see clients?
    Tues/Wed/Thu 12pm-7pm
    Alternate Saturday appointments 8am-12pm

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  • How
    How can I get started?
    Getting started is easy. Call our office (317)478-7911 or fill out the online contact form.
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Welcome to Sanctuary Counseling Center! The purpose of this center is for you to find a safe space in which to find refuge and healing during life’s toughest times. Katie Raines, a licensed mental health counselor, is here to provide you empathy, encouragement, and partnership which can change the trajectory of your life. You are safe and welcome here!

During life’s storms, you seek refuge. During life’s storms, you seek healing. During life’s storms, you can find sanctuary!

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Latest News

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About Katie

Katie’s priority is to provide clients an emotionally safe space in which to complete their therapeutic work. Katie’s expressive demeanor, sense of humor, and positive energy create an encouraging foundation for clients. Katie enjoys seeing results. You will notice that right away. She empowers individuals to new insight and action through empathy and a great clinical skill set.  She has just the right balance of care and accountability.

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